Parent Visa Nz

Parent visa nz are for people who have a child who has legal residence status in New Zealand. There are two main types: a parent visa and a retired parent visa. With both types the parent must show they have no dependent children, and they must have one child who is a permanent resident in New Zealand sponsoring them.

The differences between the two options are mostly financial, although with a parent visa the legally resident child must have held that status for at least three years. To get a parent visa nz you usually have to show you have one of the following: at least NZ$500,000 in assets; a large lifetime income; or a sponsoring child who has a high income. Retired parent visa have similar financial requirements, although you also have to invest at least NZ$1 million in New Zealand for a four year period.

Parent Visa NZ

There are a number of visa options in the NZ immigration system that may allow you to get a visa based on the fact you have a child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident. This type of visa is known as a parent visa. NZ has both visitor and parent resident visa nz available, and the team at Professional Visa Solutions can help you with both.

We are licensed immigration advisers and help people from all over the world get parent visas to come to NZ either temporarily or on a permanent basis. To find out more about our services and to book a consultation with one of our advisers, please get in touch with us today.

Parent Visa Options

The parent visa nz options that are typically available include:

  • Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa
  • Parent Resident Visa (temporarily closed – see below)
  • Parent Retirement Resident Visa

Visitor Visa for Parents

A visitor visa for parents lets you come and go from New Zealand to visit your child as well as enjoying what the country has to offer in terms of culture, scenery, and tourist attractions. You can also get this visa if you are a grandparent.

Your child must be an NZ resident or citizen, that child must sponsor you, and you must apply for it while outside the country. Parent visitor visas last for up to six months on one visit and you can stay for up to 18 months in total over a three-year period. This means you can apply for the visa multiple times.

You can include your partner on your application but not dependent children. If you want to bring dependent children, they’ll need their own visa.

To find out more or to get help with the process, please contact us today.

Parent Resident Visa

Please note: this visa is temporarily closed so is currently unavailable. The below information is based on how the visa worked in the past. Contact us today for up-to-date information on when the Parent Resident Visa might be opened again.

To qualify, your sponsoring child must have been a resident of NZ or be a citizen for at least three years. You then need to submit an expression of interest that demonstrates your financial stability in a number of ways. There are two tiers to the process, and it can take several years to get through. Also, if you have dependent children you can’t get this visa.

Parent Retirement Resident Visa

A Parent Retirement Resident Visa lets you come to NZ to live, work, and study. There are two main requirements. The first is you must have a child who is an NZ resident or citizen who is willing to sponsor you. The second requirement concerns your financial position.

Firstly, you must have at least NZ$500,000 in assets. You must also have an ongoing income of NZ $60,000 a year. In addition, you must invest at least NZ $1 million in New Zealand for a four-year period.

At Professional Visa Solutions, we can help you with each stage of this process. This includes helping you apply for a work visa to enable you to come to New Zealand to find suitable investment opportunities.

At the end of the four-year investment period, you can apply for permanent residence.

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