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Work to Residence Visa, New Zealand

The work to residence visa NZ Visa allows you to work in New Zealand initially for 24 months after which you can apply for a resident Visa. Work to resident Visa NZ is further divided into two classifications, the long-term skill shortage Visa and Accredited Employer Visa.

Work to Residence Visa New Zealand: Long Term Skill Shortage Category

If you working in a profession which is listed in long-term skills shortage category, and you possess the relevant qualifications and skills to accompany it, then you are eligible to apply for work to residence visa NZ. However, you would be required to meet the character, age and health requirements for applying. This Visa can be the first step that you take towards becoming a resident. You need to be in constant employment for a duration of 30 months in a profession which is listed under skills shortage list. You can apply for residence after completion of 24 months of work in professions listed under long-term skills shortage by the government of New Zealand. However, your partner and children cannot be clubbed with this category of Visa. They have to apply separately for the same. For further details and information, we advise you to connect with one of our counselors.

Work To Residence Visa New Zealand: Accredited Employer Category

This category of Visa is for people who already possess a long-term job offer or a permanent job offer from an immigration New Zealand Accredited employer and are under the age of 55. The validity of this Visa is 30 months and you can apply for residence after completion of 24 months of employment. Your partner and children, however, need to apply for separate Visa depending on the relationship. All in all work to residence visa NZ is your gate pass to happiness. Get in touch with us now to know more. One thing we would like to mention here for our site visitors that, any visa application process in New Zealand is highly legal in nature, and most of the time you would need some external expertise to make it. Chances of getting your visa application approved in a single shot all by yourself are quite remote, to say the least. There is so much information that has to be presented in the right perspective. That's where the experience, skills and knowledge of an licensed immigration adviser will come in handy. You should entrust your visa application in the right hands. Time is valuable and one should pay due respects to it.

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