This visa is intended for those who want to move to New Zealand and have the skills required by an accredited New Zealand employer. You can apply for a visa to New Zealand if an accredited employer offers you full-time employment. In addition, you can apply to reside permanently in New Zealand if you work for the same employer for at least 2 years.


This visa is closed for new applications unless you have an existing visa if you are applying again and are waiting for a residence visa from a work visa.

How Long Can You Stay & Work in NZ on Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa?

You can stay and work here in NZ for 30 months on a Talent (Accredited Employer) work visa. Once the visa is granted, you have 3 months to arrive in the country for work, provided you are already not here.

While you hold this visa, you can travel within the country and internationally.

Can I Switch Jobs While In NZ?

Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa allows you to work with a specific skill and a particular employer. In simpler terms, you cannot leave the job you signed for on a whim and switch to some other employer.

That being said, switching jobs is not restricted. If you wish to change your employer, you must apply for a variation in visa conditions. Talk to our immigration adviser to know more about it.

What Happens if Your Employer Loses Accreditation?

You may work for a different New Zealand accredited employer if your original employer loses accreditation after INZ has granted you a Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa.
It may even be possible for you to apply for a variation of conditions allowing you to work with an employer who is not accredited if your original employer loses accreditation. You may be eligible for this "variation of conditions" only if you make between NZ $55,000 to NZ $79,560 or more in your next job. We offer expert "variation of conditions" services at a very reasonable cost of NZ$ 800 – 1,100.

All this accreditation business and the fact that your employer may lose it makes it essential that you work with an immigration expert through your Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa application process. You have a lot at stake here, as any breach of your visa terms may result in you losing the opportunity of applying for residence in New Zealand. You may even be liable for deportation in some cases of violations. So work with our experienced Auckland-based team of immigration experts to stay covered – Book a 100% free consultation slot now.

Please Note

You can be refused entry permission if:

  • You don't meet our character requirements
  • Your circumstances have changed since you were granted a visa
  • You refuse to let us take your photo or provide us with your fingerprints or an iris scan if we ask you for them.

More Details

Here are some details about this visa that would come in handy if you intend to apply for it.

Entry Permission

If you are arriving at your destination in New Zealand, you need to request entry permits even in the event that you already have a visa as well as NZeTA (New New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority). This procedure is typically swift, however, immigration officials might ask you additional questions before granting the right to get into New Zealand. It is your responsibility to answer the questions in a truthful manner.

Immigration officers could request documents to support your request for entry into New Zealand. They could ask you to show the ticket you used that allows you to depart New Zealand or evidence of what you plan to do while in New Zealand.

If You Need to Travel

In case you need to travel outside the country then your visa should be in your passport essentially. In case your passport gets expired then you will have to notify the immigration department of NZ to transfer the visa into a new passport.

Transferring Visa to New Passport - What Would Be Required?

Whether you have a physical visa or an eVisa, if your passport is renewed or replaced with a new one, you have to intimate the immigration authorities for a transfer request. Immigration NZ binds each passport with a visa, so if your passport number or any other data changes, the previous visa stands null and void, it has to be transferred de-novo to the new passport in the immigration NZ database.

If you are holding an eVisa then there is no fee payable for transfer, but there is a fee for visa label.

If You Hold an Evisa

To request a transfer of your eVisa, you need to give us:

  • a certified copy of your old passport
  • a certified copy of your new passport
  • a completed Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa (INZ 1023)
  • If you are unable to get certified copies, you can send your passport.

For other methods, please connect with our immigration adviser now.

Please Note That

You are not allowed to include your spouse or dependent children on a work visa. If they wish to accompany you, then there are different visa categories under which they can apply. Talk to our immigration adviser to know more.

Need Help

Work-related visa applications are complex immigration tools, they are difficult to understand, and you can get severely confused as an applicant. Talk to our immigration consultant, it's free, and they will help you choose the correct work visa as per your needs.