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International Humanitarian

Humanitarian Immigration Visa – New Zealand accepts a certain number of refugees each year. This is separate to the visa-based immigration system, although it does impact on that system in a number of ways. In particular, through the Refugee Quota Family Reunification option and Refugee Family Support option.

This applies to family members of people who have been accepted into New Zealand as refugees. Family reunification applies if you are a sibling, child or parent of a refugee now living in New Zealand. The family support option applies if you do not meet the criteria for family reunification. It is a quota-based system, however, so the number of people accepted is limited. Finally, victims of people trafficking and domestic abuse who are currently in New Zealand are also given special consideration on humanitarian grounds.

Humanitarian Immigration

New Zealand has always taken its global responsibilities in relation to refugees and humanitarian immigration very seriously. It currently welcomes 750 refugees to the country every year, plus it welcomes additional refugees according to world events. For example, in 2015 it began a programme to welcome additional refugees fleeing from the conflict in Syria.

The refugee system is separate to the immigration system in the country, but there are some links. This particularly applies to the Refugee Quota Family Reunification option and Refugee Family Support option.

Professional Visa Solutions can help if you want to use either of these options to bring family members to New Zealand to live with you. We will give you useful advice plus we can deal with the practicalities of filling out forms and dealing with the immigration authorities. Our experience and knowledge of the system and the law puts us in an excellent position to represent you.

All our advisers are well-trained, and they are licensed by Immigration New Zealand, ensuring you get excellent service.

Bringing Your Family to New Zealand on a Humanitarian Visa

The Refugee Quota Family Reunification option lets you bring immediate family members to live with you in New Zealand. In other words, it applies to your children, partner, or siblings. Crucially, your family member does not have to be a refugee. So long as the New Zealand government regards you as being a refugee and the person is a family member, they may qualify for this option.

There are some things you should remember about how this option works. Specifically, there is a quota system, you must provide sufficient evidence proving the person is an immediate family member, and you must complete and submit an application. As a result, the best approach is to get professional advice. This is where we can help.

The Refugee Family Support Resident Visa applies if you are not able to use the Refugee Quota Family Reunification process. This option is a residence visa and it’s restricted in numbers as well – 300 people a year get this visa.

You’ll need to register with Immigration New Zealand as a sponsor of the person you want to get the visa. The person you sponsor must be an immediate family member, but they can include their partner and any dependent children on their visa application, providing the children are under 24.

It’s important to remember, however, that everyone named on the Refugee Family Support Resident Visa must have been named on your original registration as a refugee.

You then have to wait until the immigration authorities send the person you are sponsoring an invitation to apply for the Refugee Family Support Resident Visa. When this invitation arrives, the person you are sponsoring will have 12 months to submit their application.

Providing You with the Help You Need

Moving to another country is always stressful but it is particularly difficult if you arrived in New Zealand as a refugee. There is even greater stress when your family members are not living with you.

We’ll give you expert advice and help to assist you through the process of getting a humanitarian visa for members of your family. Please call us today on XXXXX to arrange a consultation with one of our licensed immigration consultants.

International Humanitarian
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