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Parent Retirement Category

There are phases in a man's life. The most important one is the retirement phase. The golden days that the retirement should be spent in a place which offers peace and beauty. New Zealand is just the place that fits in the picture. It has safe urban centers, great natural beauty, and world-class healthcare. What could a life’s veteran ask more for? So, if you are planning to stay with your child who is either a citizen or resident of New Zealand then the parent retirement category NZ is the visa to apply for. 

How to apply for Parent Retirement Resident Visa

To apply for this category of visa you must have an annual income of 60000 NZ Dollars, you should have 1 million NZ dollars to invest in the country spread across a 4 year period and another 500000 NZ Dollars to live on. These are the prerequisites of this Visa and must be adhered to.

This visa would allow you to stay, study and work in New Zealand. The best part is that you can include your partner in this VISA. You can also apply for residence after keeping your investment for a period of 4 years in the country.

Please Remember

If your application for this category of visa gets approved in principle then you have 12 months to transfer your investment to New Zealand. In case you are visiting the country to explore investment opportunities than you have to apply for a separate visa. Same goes for your accompanying partner. 

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