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Parent Resident Visa New Zealand

New Zealand is an equally pleasing place for the young and the old. If you wish to join your resident children in New Zealand and spend your retired golden days in the country, then parent resident VISA is for you. This VISA enables you to join your resident or citizen children. All you need to do is send in an expression of Interest. You will have to meet the requirement of tier 1 or tier 2 of our existing system and be sponsored by at least one of your NZ resident or citizen children. After which if you get an invitation to apply then you can lodge the residence application. And once that gets approved you may live with your children in New Zealand.

This category of VISA allows you to work, live and study in New Zealand. You can also include your partner in the same application.

Some Notable Points

This is a quota and queue category of VISA, it means the number of people that will be granted residence under this category of VISA is limited yearly. If your application is made before closure of the quota then your application will be queued with Immigration New Zealand.

Grandparents and legal guardians are also able to apply under this category.
If you have some dependent children then you are not eligible for this VISA.
The category has been temporarily suspended and is pending a review post July 2018.

This type of visa permits the parents to join their adult children (i.e. child should be above the age of 17) living in New Zealand and the children are already a permanent resident or a citizen of New Zealand.

The Parent Resident Visa comprises of two-tiers. To become eligible for this visa, the parents have to fulfill the requirements of any one of the two tiers.

1) Tier one: Parents should have either

  • A fixed minimum income for a lifetime (e.g. retirement payments or pensions); or,
  • Should possess the settlement funds of NZ$ 500,000 at least at the time of entering New Zealand. or,
  • An adult child should be the sponsor whose annual earnings should be at least NZ$ 65,000 by themselves or NZ$ 90,000 including the partner’s earnings

2) Tier two:

  • The sponsoring children of the parents should be earning a minimum income. If the parents have any other children, they should all be living legally and should be the permanent resident outside the country in which you are living at present. The parents applying for the visa should also fulfill the health and character requirements

Why Parents should join Their Kids in NZ?

The parent resident visa NZ is for the parents to go and live with their adult children who are the resident children or the citizen of New Zealand. With this visa, the parent can get work, study and live permanently in New Zealand. The parent can also include a partner on their visa application. The partner could be any of the following:
  • A civil union, or
  • A lawful marriage, or
  • A de facto relationship
In addition to parents,’ the applications for the parent resident visa legal guardians and grandparents can also be included. However, parents who have dependent children are not qualified for the NZ immigration Parent category.

What are the benefits of Parent Resident Visa NZ?

  • Stay, study and get employed in New Zealand
  • Partner and dependent children should be less than the age of 24 to apply for nz immigration parent category visa
  • You can travel to and out of New Zealand frequently until the travel conditions expire
Grandparents and Parents can visit their children in New Zealand, any number of times on the same resident visa. You must be visiting your children or grandchildren who should be a resident or a New Zealand citizen. While you are in New Zealand, your length of stay can vary depending on the approval of the INZ.

What are the things to note before applying for the visa?

  • If you want to take dependent children along with you, then they will have to apply for their own separate resident visas
  • You are only eligible to apply for this visa if you live outside of New Zealand

How long does the parent resident visa NZ process take?

The time for the Parent resident visa process may vary significantly based on the type of application, as it is a quota-based system and it takes time. but on average, these types of visas are processed within weeks.

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