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Dependent Child Resident Visa NZ

Dependent child resident visa is a special category of visa for those who are already residents/citizens of New Zealand and wish to bring their dependent children into the country to live with them. This Visa is applicable to children who are aged 24 or younger. It allows children to live and study in the country and even work if they are of the legal age.

As clear from the facts cited above. Dependent Child Visa New Zealand is the best way to bring in your children to the country. Having them grow and learn in New Zealand is something which will provide them with a global outlook. New Zealand as we all know is a land of opportunities. It offers so much to its people. There is literally no discrimination here. The local and the original population treats the migrants with respect and is quite accommodating.

Your kids will be in the safest and the most prosperous environment they can live in. There is virtually no crime here in New Zealand. Ample space for sporting and leisure activities makes New Zealand a perfect place for children to grow. Educational avenues are also great. For citizens, school level education is virtually free. Even the college level education is highly subsidized and you can consider it to be free too.

Notable Points (as per the information available on public domain)
  • If your children were eligible for New Zealand residence under the Family Quota, Refugee Family Support Category, Samoa Quota Scheme or Pacific Access Category but weren’t included in your residence application, they’re not eligible for this visa.
  • If your children were eligible for New Zealand residence under any other category but weren’t included in your residence application, we may ask you to explain the reason for this.
  • Some children of New Zealand citizens or residents are New Zealand citizens by birth or descent. If your child is a citizen, they do not need to apply for residence. Check the website below to see who is a New Zealand citizen.

Other benefits of Dependent Child  Visa New Zealand

You are here because you see growth in New Zealand. Well to tell you the truth, NZ is not just about financial growth. There are many avenues for overall holistic growth that the country offers. One of them is family life. After all, why are we all working? It’s for our families and kids. Children are our sole motivation for a better life. Everyone wants a better life for the coming generation. Dependent Child  Visa New Zealand allows you to accommodate your depended children with you in the country. Trust our words bringing your children to New Zealand and exposing them to the NZ way of life is something you will cherish in the long run. The healthcare system of the country is one of the best in the world. NZ has a rich bio-diversity and is very clean. Your kids get a healthy environment from day one in the country. They get exposed to a global level of education and are bound to become better citizens.

How to Apply? 

Applying for any Visa including dependent child resident visa NZ is a complex process and requires a lot of documentation and legal formalities to be adhered to. Every application is unique and needs its own share of due attention. We recommend seeking the help of a licensed immigration adviser for the same. It will save you a lots of time and money.

To know more about dependent child visa New Zealand, just give us a call. Our expert immigration advisers will surely get in touch with you to resolve your queries.

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