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Buying commercial property New Zealand

New Zealand is a great place to buy commercial property. Well buying commercial property NZ is one of the easiest things to do globally. The fact is that the country actually encourages people investing in commercial properties.

Commercial properties are widely available. Options include:

  • Offices in all shapes and sizes, anything from either a single floor or suite in a larger building, to entire buildings
  • Light industrial units, warehouses, and showrooms from a few square meters to 3000+
  • Heavy industrial premises
  • Retail premises, usually small, sole-operator premises although entire shopping centers occasionally come onto the market
  • Development projects, including major residential or retirement complexes and tourism enterprises.

In many cases, commercial property can be purchased with tenants – and leases – in place.

In New Zealand tenants are liable for repairs, and often decorate. They are also usually liable for utilities, rates, and insurance. This can mean a better net return for the commercial property investor in New Zealand. (source: public domain)

The above-mentioned points clearly portray the fact that buying commercial property NZ is always going to return larger profits than any other place.

This brings us to another vital question, from where a person can find proper pieces of commercial real estate to invest in. Well, there are many ways to go for it. Like any place in the world New Zealand also has its fair share of property brokers. One can always approach them and check out the inventory available with them. Then there is an option of visiting the online portals which deal with the sale and purchase of commercial property.

Take due caution

As with any investment, we would urge our readers to take due caution while investing in a commercial property. Always check the LIM, this document will enlist everything the local corporation knows about the property that you intend to invest in. Please inspect the property yourself in person, in case you are not able to do so then the next best thing would be to let professional advisers look into it on your behalf.

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