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New Zealand Investor Visa

New Zealand investor Visa is available for people willing to make a significant investment in New Zealand. There are two options available – Investor Visa adviser and Investor Plus Visa.

To obtain an New Zealand Investor Visa you have to invest at least NZ$1.5 million for four years. You must be 65-years-old or younger, and have three years business experience. You also need assets of at least NZ$3 million to prove you have the means to support yourself while in New Zealand. In addition, you and any family members also on the application must have a basic level of English, and you must spend at least 146 days per year in New Zealand in the final three years of the investment period. The only requirement for an Investor Plus Visa is you have to spend 44 days in New Zealand in the last two years of the investment period. However, you have to invest at least NZ$10 million for three years.

New Zealand Investment Immigration

You have two options available if you are an investor and want to become a resident in New Zealand. There are different requirements for both, including the amount of money you must invest to qualify.

You can read more details on both options below. You can also call us to arrange a consultation to get help and advice regarding your specific circumstances. We can also help you with the application process. This includes, if necessary, helping you initially obtain a work visa to enable you to come to New Zealand prior to getting the investment visa in order to find a suitable investment.

Investor Visa NZ (Investor Visa 2 Category)

The option that requires the lowest amount of investment is the standard Investment Visa. New Zealand is a country with a growing economy and multiple thriving industries, so it should not be difficult to find investments that will generate healthy returns. The amount you must invest is NZD $3 million over four years.

In addition, there are other requirements:
  • Time spent in NZ – you must spend 146 days or more per year in New Zealand during the final three years of the investment period.
  • Business experience – you need three years’ business experience
  • English language – you and any member of your family on the application must be proficient in the use of English. Age – you must be 65 or younger.
  • Income – you will need to prove you can support yourself while in New Zealand.

The New Zealand government offers incentives to encourage you to invest in opportunities other than bonds or philanthropic investments. The first incentive gives you flexibility in the time spent in NZ requirement, i.e. 438 days in total over the four years. Also, if you invest at least 50 percent of the NZD $3 million in assets other than bonds or philanthropic investments, the overall amount you must invest drops to NZD $2.5 million.

The process of getting this visa starts with sending Immigration New Zealand an expression of interest. If this is successful, you will get an invitation to submit an application. Contact us for help with each stage of this process.

Investor Plus Visa (Investor 1 Category)

To get this investor visa, NZ investments totalling NZD $10 million are required. You must make this investment for a period of three years. In addition, you must spend a minimum of 44 days in New Zealand per year for the final two years of the investment.

There are no other requirements for this New Zealand Investor Visa.
Like the standard investor visa nz, there is an incentive to encourage you to invest in assets other than philanthropic investments or bonds. If you do, you can spend your time in New Zealand flexibly with the only requirement being you spend at least 88 days in total over the three-year period.

The process of getting this residence visa is different, however, as there is no expression of interest. Instead, you apply for residence under this visa category. You will then get an approval in principle which gives you 12 months to make your NZ investment.

Get Professional Investor Visa Help

As well as help with getting an investor residence visa, we can also provide you with other assistance. This includes helping you make contacts in New Zealand, giving you advice on schools for your children, and helping you decide where to live. We’ll make the process of moving your life to this country as easy as possible.

Get in touch today to book a consultation or to find out more information. Call 09 279 4576.

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