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The Entrepreneur Visa NZ is for business people looking to establish a new business, or buy an existing business, in New Zealand. It is a multi-stage process, and can lead to full permanent residence – in certain circumstances in as little as six months. The starting point is getting an Entrepreneur Work Visa, which is initially granted for 12 months. To get this you have to invest at least NZ$100,000 and you have to present a business plan. Providing you follow through on your business plan the visa will be extended for another two years.

After two years of successful operation of the business you can apply for residence. There is also a fast track system, depending on your circumstances. This allows you to apply for residency after six months. To qualify you have to invest at least NZ$500,000 and have created three new full-time jobs.

Business Visa NZ

New Zealand has a vibrant and growing economy and welcomes entrepreneurs and innovators in a range of industries. As a result, there are a number of options if you want to come to the country on a business visa. NZ work and residence visas are available, plus there are options relevant for particular circumstances.

To ensure the process of getting a business visa runs as smoothly as possible, and to make sure you apply for the right one, you should contact us at Professional Visa Solutions. We are licensed immigration advisers and have experience helping business people and entrepreneurs from all over the world establish businesses in New Zealand.

Find out more below about some of the business visa options that are available or contact us now to book a consultation.

Entrepreneur Visa NZ

The entrepreneur visa NZ category includes both work and residence visas. Here’s what you need to know about both.

Firstly, you’ll probably need to get an Entrepreneur Work Visa first. This is because your business needs to be up and running before you can apply for the residence option.

With an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you can live and work in New Zealand for up to three years. This gives you time to start the business and get it established. You must complete the setup phase in the first 12 months. At this point, you will need to show Immigration New Zealand that the business is trading to enable you to stay for the final two years of the visa.

There are a number of other requirements for the Entrepreneur Work Visa. This includes having a business plan and, generally, NZD $100,000 to invest. You also need 120 points in New Zealand’s points-based immigration system and you cannot have been made bankrupt in the last five years.

After two years you can apply for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa. There is a faster route available if you can invest NZD $500,000 in your business and you’ve been able to create three new jobs. You only have to wait six months if you can meet these requirements.

Other Business Visa Options

There are other options available in addition to getting an entrepreneur work or residence visa. This includes:

  • Investor visa – there are two types of investor visa available, one requiring an investment of NZD $10 million over three years and the other requiring an investment of NZD $3 million over four years.
  • Business Visitor Visa – a Business Visitor Visa is the ideal visa if, for example, you want to work in New Zealand to find business or investment opportunities. The visa lasts for three months and is suitable if you come from a country that New Zealand does not have a visitor waiver agreement in place with (if you are from a visitor waiver country, you can come to New Zealand without a visa).
  • Employee of Relocating Business Resident Visa – if your business is relocating to New Zealand, you and your employees can apply for this visa.
  • Global Impact Visa – if your business has substantial potential for growth, you may be able to apply for a Global Impact Visa.

Professional Advice

The immigration system in New Zealand is complex. This applies to business and entrepreneur visas as much as any other category. We can help with all aspects of the process, however, including helping you plan your business, find out information, and make contacts.

To speak to one of our licensed immigration advisers, please contact us today by calling 09 279 4576.