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Inder Singh

One of the first things you should know about Inder and the whole team at Professional Visa Solutions is that if he can't see a pathway for you to get the visa outcome you're looking for, he simply won't take the case on. So feel free to come in and see him and ask how he might be able to help you, and if he can, he will, and if he doesn't think he can then he'll simply tell you that.

In fact, the way Inder thinks and works is one of the main reasons that Professional Visa Solutions has such high levels of success for all its clients.

Without giving too much detail about his specialised approach away, here’s an outline of what makes the difference when he is helping out on your case. (All of the clients at Professional Visa Solutions have their case overseen by Inder in one way or another by the way.)

Inder's background in Engineering, Computer Networking, Business Management and Immigration Advisory has given him the ability to visualise a system in a sophisticated way, see the potential faults or flaws, and then know how to resolve any of the issues seen and manage the people involved in the process.

What this means is he is able to understand and then present your case in writing in the best possible way, despite any challenges or difficulties there may be in your case

He has a deep understanding of how the people involved in the immigration department tend to think and look at different cases, and he helps the whole team here communicate with the Immigration Department respectfully and in ways that have them more likely to approve each case Professional Visa Solutions submit to them.

His engineering background, in particular, seems to allow him to understand the complex details of a case or situation, and be able to get all the details of an application right, often the first time it is submitted.

When you choose to work with Inder and his team, feel free to ask about their current success rate with applications as these things are tracked and recorded in detail as doing well for his clients is Inder’s key concern.

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