Changes to Essential Skills Work Visa Instructions for SMC applicants

Good News for applicants for work visas under Essential Skills work instructions where an applicant is awaiting a Skilled Migrant Category decision
Effective from 17 November 2014:

An applicant may be granted an Essential Skills work visa, valid for 12 months, without an immigration officer being satisfied that there are no New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders available
to do the work offered if they:

i. currently hold a temporary work visa; and
ii. have applied for an Essential Skills work visa; and
iii. meet all other requirements of Essential Skills work visa instructions; and either
iv. have been issued an Invitation to Apply under the Skilled Migrant Category for the role they are currently employed in and they retain the ability to apply ; or
v. have applied for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category and that application has not been completed.
b. One further Essential Skills work visa, valid for six months, may be granted in exceptional circumstances to an applicant who continues to meet the requirements above.

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