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1. Are you married to a New Zealand citizen/permanent resident OR in a de facto (common law) relationship of at least 12 months duration?
Or Have you or your partner immediate family members who are New Zealand citizen/permanent residents?
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2. Have you or any of those accompanying you ever been charged or served time for a criminal offense, or been deported from a country, or been involved with known criminal or terrorist groups?
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3. Do you or your partner possess a competent level of English (speaking, reading, writing and listening)?
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4. Are you aged 20 - 55 years of age (inclusive)?
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5. Are you aged 56-65?
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6. Are you aged 66 yrs and over?
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7. Do you intend to actively seek work in New Zealand, including arranging local job interviews, or do you already possess a current job offer from a New Zealand employer?
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8. Do you possess a completed university or college degree (normally at least 3 years study) or acceptable trade certificate (normally at least 2 years study)?
Do you possess at least 2 years relevant full time work experience in one of the occupations on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) - Click Here.
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9. Do you possess NZ$10 million to invest in New Zealand (over 3 years) - to be invested within first 12 months of residency?
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10. Do you possess NZ$1.5 million to invest in New Zealand (over 4 years) plus NZ$1 million of settlement funds - to be invested within first 12 months of residency?
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11. Do you have experience of owning and/or managing a business and do you intend buying/setting up a relevant business in New Zealand? If so, do you possess sufficient funds to set up the business and settle you & your family?
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